Dunja Božek Zubak was born in Zagreb, Croatia. She is a very objective landscape observer in all of its forms and produces some extraordinary pieces that are most appreciated at home and abroad. Since 1992 she is a member of the Art Society “Matice Hrvatske”, with whom she exhibits at all group exhibitions at home and abroad and in many Art Colonies.
May-October she is based in Istria, the region which inspired her latest series of paintings titled “Istrian Villages”. Dunja Bozek Zubak possesses this happy combination of unquestionable talent, recognition, and understanding of the region and necessary craftsmanship helping her to produce this poetic series as a record of her sensation and feeling for Istria. Because of the subject simplicity, she reduces natural forms and uses flaming colors.
She lives and works in her studios in Zagreb and Rovinj.
From 2024, under the influence of more frequent use of digital drawing in recent years, the focus has moved towards simplicity of form. often using a limited palette of bold colors and contrasting tones to create a strong visual impact.
The figures are stylized, without many details, and the composition is simple but effective, further emphasizing the picture’s emotional impression. It includes unexpected and surreal elements, combining real and imaginary scenes in unusual ways.
Juried group exhibitions:

1992. Centar za kulturu Susedgrad, Zagreb
1993. Galerija Idealni grad, Zagreb
1994. Gliptoteka, Zagreb
1994. Gradska knjižnica Bogdan Ogrizović, Zagreb
1995. Galerija Samos, Samobor
1997. Muzej grada Samobora
1997. Gradski muzej, Križevci
1998. Galerija Matice hrvatske, Samobor
2001. Gradska galerija Krško, Slovenija
2002. Galerija Crkve Sv. Petra, Zagreb
2003. Gallery Mediterraneo, London
2004. Galerija Aquarium
2006. The Afordable Art Fair, London
2006. London Art Fair, Alexandra Palace, London
2011. Gradski Muzej, Križevci
2014. Galerija Prica, Samobor
2016. Galerija Prica, Samobor
2023. DADA “Perspective”, MEET, Digital Culture Center, Milano, Italy
2024. ZEROONE @ Avalanche Creator house, Paris, France
2024. DADA 10th Anniversary, Uncommon GallerySeoul, Corea, 19 – 31. July 2024.

Juried solo exhibitions:

2003. Gradska knjižnica Samobor
2005. Galerija Hrvatskog lovačkog muzeja, Zagreb